OK, Last week was a little hectic with all of the quizzes and progress reports as well as switching over to a new boss, but it wasn’t bad. The new girl, Sammy, seems really nice. She lived in the States for a number of years and is married to an American who served in the military here in Seoul for 15 years. I’m glad she turned out to be a cool chick and she’s familiar with the program we’re teaching which is great. Most of my kids did well on their tests, yay!

We had a farewell dinner for the old boss on Friday at the restaurant downstairs. Everyone got a big laugh when they asked what new foods I haven’t tried yet that I would like to try. I answered “bulgogi”, I hear it’s really good. Yeah, it’s what I was eating! And we had that together my first weekend here at Danielle’s going away party–oops. Oh well, hey, it is good!

This weekend I took it slow although I did spend a few hours wondering the Myongdong area. It is a shoppers paradise with everything from Luis Vuitton to discount punky-style stores and of course a bunch of cafes. I took a bunch of pictures but I forgot to bring my camera stuff to the internet cafe (my home internet is down again).

Everything else is fine, I have a four day weekend this week so hopefully I’ll make it out of Seoul for a day or two.