The Chicken Massacre of 2004

Johnny told us the story yesterday, while we were looking at the chickens in the domestic foul exhibit at the zoo, about the chicken massacre of 2004. Apparently at the time he worked for a chicken farm outside of Seoul, he had been doing a good job so his boss gave him the new duty of keeping on top of the air circulation which had to be checked every two hours. One day Johnny and friends decided to slack off and watch a movie in the office. A few hours later they went to check on the chickens and found that all 40,000 of them were dead. Amazingly he wasn’t fired, just put back in his old position. Maybe you had to e there to hear Johnny’s delivery of the story, or to see how he looked at the live chickens in front of us, but it was hysterical! I’ve been giggling about it all day.

The zoo was cool even though there were mobs of people there. We spent left at 1 and didn’t get bck to our apartments until 8:30, I was exhausted! The zoo is a huge park and people spend the whole day there hanging out and picnicing. It was nice and good mountain views on all sides. Today I’m just doing school stuff, preparing ahead of time for once instead of the day of. Maybe we’ll go to the sauna during the week when it won’t be crowded.

Our manager, Kathryn just announced she’s leaving at the end of the week after six years. This makes me nervous. Kathryn’s the one who hired me and has been the one guiding me through everything. I hope the new person is nice and knows what he or she is doing.

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