I’m OK!

A bunch of people have inquired about my health. Thanks! I’m no better, no worse. I already have a neurologist here and he’s great. He’s actually the head of the neurology department at the Seoul National University, speaks English, and is familiar with pseudotumor. All good! The hospital here was actually pretty neat, they assigned a translator to me who stayed with me through everything. The translator, “Joe”, was a pretty funny guy, he pretty much told me his whole life story while we were in the waiting room. Not a bad experience at all. It’s Saturday morning right now and this will be a slow weekend for me because I’m coming down with a cold! It’s just as well though, I’ll study Korean and prepare quizzes. 🙂 Heidi and I might make an excursion to a public bath. They’re cheap, $5-10, and you soak in a variety of different baths and then do salt scrubs and stuff like that, and there’s a sauna. It might be fun. K, until next time!

This is a picture of some tea I had thursday afternoon while I was writing postcards.