I just finished my Monday classes. I already have to start preparing end of the month exams, have I been here that long? I’m getting more on top of things as far as having usefull supplements and activites prepared. Watch out if you ever have to play against me in Charades or Pictionary after this, I have to mime or draw everything for my lower classes! The ABC beginners are the funniest; they usually get it pretty fast but every once in a while they just look at me like I’m nuts. I don’t know why “elf” was on their vocab list (They don’t even know the whole alphabet yet) but that was a fun one to try to explain. Then on the other end I have kids asking what “intrinsic” and “social maxim” means. I had to explain what a quote was to some kids the other day and was having a hard time getting it across until I asked them to repeat a line from Star Wars… that’s right, they busted out “Luke, I am your father” There you go guys, that’s a quote. Proof that Star Wars is universal, these kids don’t even know farm animals in English but they can quote Star Wars, haha.

The weekend was sort of lazy, I caught up on sleep and wandered around various markets just to get out of the house. I didn’t take pics though, they wouldn’t have captured the scale of these markets which is the cool part about them. Dongdaemun market is mostly clothing and jewelry and it has an estimated 30,000 stalls!!! I also went to the Hanghwak-dong flea market which was the shadiest place I’ve been to yet. It was the first place where I felt that men might be saying inappropriate things to my face knowing I didn’t understand them. It wasn’t dangerous just seedy. I actually saw way more South, Southeast, and Central Asians there than Koreans as well as some Russians. You could seriously get anything there and I saw some weird stuff. I also passed through a food market. This was the kind of thing I had always pictured about Korea…. rows of crazy unidentifiable edibles (arguably). Most notable were stingrays, bugs, and yes… dog.

The only other noteable thing about the weekend was on Saturday night I wandered around the Hongik University area wich is known for its nightlife. Instead of the seedy, party atmosphere of Itaewon, Hongik had an awesome laid back feel. I can’t explain the hugeness of this area. Blocks and blocks of nightclubs, on top of restaurants, on top of pubs. Most had outdoor seating and everything seemed to spill out into the streets where there were vendors selling all sorts of stuff; of course socks being the most prevalent item (why?). It’s funny, as soon as I got off the subway stop I asked this guy for directions to a particular pub and he looked at me like I was nuts, after wandering around for a while I got why, there were hundreds of pubs, you couldn’t know them all. A lot of them have neat themes too and there’s even a women only femminist bar in there somewhere. I’ll take pics next time.

OK, that’s the only exciting stuff, everything else is fine. If you love me you’ll send me coffee, pickles, and olives (they’re insanely expensive here). Or a postcard for my postcard collection!!! This has been a slow year for my postcard collection guys! I don’t care if it’s just a cheezy local one, seriously! Send pickles (dill) and postcards to my school address (since no one knows where my home mailbox is even though they’re sure I have one):

MacKensie Cornelius
773-3, Glory Park 3F, Mok-4 Dong
Yangchun-Gu, Seoul

K, I’m going home now, bye! Miss you guys!