I start tomorrow!

I just wrote this whole blog and then erased it because all of the popup directions are in Korean and I’m trying to do things by memory, crap!

Ummm… I start work tomorrow. Everyone is very excited about “MacKensie Teacher”. I’ll work MW 2:30-9, TTH 4:30-9, and F 2:30-8. Each class is 40 minutes and I have a 40 minute break. Not bad! My classes range from 6 year olds learning their ABC’s to a 15 year old reading novels. I have 4 one-on-ones and my biggest class is six students. Everything is set out in a syllabus but I decide how I want to present the material and what supplements I want to use. Danielle, the girl I am taking over for, has left me all of her old class stuff, cool! I’m surprised by how relaxed I have been, everyone here is really nice and this does not appear to be a stressful workplace. Getting around has been ok, although I wish I spoke more of the language. In time, I suppose.

I noticed a funny thing about my hotel yesterday, it’s a by-the-hour love motel! Haha. You can order girls from a book by the bed but regular couples use it too because everyone lives with their family until they’re married. It’s not scary or anything, just weird. Apparently I missed out on a room with a heart shaped bed. 😦 Oh well!

I’m having trouble getting pictures on here so you can see what I have so far by checking out my flickr account. http://www.flickr.com/photos/triptych64/