So far, so good! The flights were uneventful and Singapore Airlines really is much better than the others. They even had learn Korean language games on the console, so I learned my numbers, dates, and times on the way. The best part is that there was no one seated right next to me so I was able to stretch out a bit. I had a window seat too! From takeoff in Raleigh to landing in Incheon (about 30 min. from Seoul) it was 22 hours. I got in at around 7pm Monday night Korean time and, to my surprise, was taken by the pickup service straight to the school to meet everyone before going to my hotel. Everyone’s very nice and the school is better equipped than I expected. The classrooms are comfortable, clean, temperature controled, and small! The largest class is 9 students and half of the classes have 5 or less! The kids are “lively” but super adorable too and are apparently very excited about me. I got a quick tour and was taken to my hotel, “The Gallery” about two blocks away. It is pretty decent with an oasis water thingy, ac, etc. I’m on a main road with all sorts of interesting things going on so I have plenty to see and lots of food options.
The first night I just went to the only place that has any English on the sign in the hopes of an English menu as I was simply exhausted. That place was the “Sting” bar, as in Sting the singer. I’m not joking, his picture was up everywhere. The only English that was spoken to me was “Do you like Sting?”. Of course, were they playing his music? Don’t be silly, we’re in Asia, that would make too much sense. They were playing Ludacris and 50 Cent. I heard a random Rascall Flatts song (I swear I was sober, this really happened). The English on the menu was very sparse. I ordered “peach”. I was served a gigantic bowl of fruit cocktail covered in shaved ice and cherry juice, it could have served six. I was also served a bowl of something that tasted like funions and a cup of dried seaweed. Ahhh.. to be in Asia again. At least beer is basically the same everywhere.
Due to the wonders of jet lag I was wide awake at 4:30 am and hungry again. At a nearby restraunt I just pointed to a price I didn’t mind paying (this menu was only in Korean) and waited for my surprise. Kimchi, pickled root something or other, corn, and something very much like salisbury steak, with rice and coleslaw !?! I suspect they gave me the most American things they could think of. It worked out.
I sat in on some classes today and had a little orientation. I think this will turn out ok, everything we need is readily available, the staff is nice and helpful; it’s all cool. K, I’m exhausted, I’ll add more later.